The Online Country Store

Welcome to our online, NEW MEXICO-Taste the Tradition® Country Store. This store is an extension of the original Country Store that is located in the Agriculture Building during the New Mexico State Fair (the Fair) each year. NMDA began highlighting and promoting New Mexico specialty foods at the Fair in 1992. At that time our food processors were in need of another avenue for creating consumer awareness for their products, sampling new products, and (of course) selling their products. The store quickly became a popular place for fairgoers to shop for products to use at home or give as gifts during the holidays. Now, many of the 600 or more products sold at the Country Store are available online or at retail stores throughout the state and even the country. By bringing the Country Store to you through the web, many of your favorite, unique gourmet food products that are grown or processed in New Mexico are only a few clicks away! From salsas to brittle, and everything in between, New Mexico has something to please every palate.